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I have a hit and run charge & don't know what I am supposed to do when I go to court. I can't afford a lawyer what should I do.

Chambersburg, PA |

never been in trouble before and was told I side swiped a person in a bank parking lot but she wasn't even in the parking lot until after I had already started around the corner. I don't feel that I was truly at fault.

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Consult with an attorney in your area. Many offer free consultations. Check with your insurance agent to see if the carrier might help or provide a defense.


If this is a misdemeanor or felony charge, you may be entitled to a court appointed attorney. Call the public defender's office in your jurisdiction to find out if you qualify for representation. If not, many attorneys offer flexible payment plans, so you should find a way to get some advice before making any decsiions in your case.

Good luck.


Vehicular assault and a hit and run are serious charges. If you have an accident and strike a person while driving and then leave the scene, most states allow guilt to be inferred from your departure from the scene of the car accident. You have to get a local attorney.

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A local traffic court attorney in Chambersburg would only cost a couple hundred bucks or less. Best bet is to borrow it from family or friends. Good luck.

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