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I have a history of bi-polar disorder, (mental illness) and domestic violence-- can my chances of having joint custody be made?

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I went to court and didn't have a lawyer as a result the father of my child braught up all of my past mistakes and history of going in and out of mental hospitals. And a recent stunt to jail for domestic violence assault. I am now seeing a court appointed psychologist to do an evaluation on me (at the expense of the father). After the judge see's the final report made by the psychologist, the judge will then proceed to make the final custody orders. What are my chances of gaining joint custody of my child? Right now the father has her temporarily while i have visitation rights. How do I go about gaining custody? Her father is a very violent man and has physically assaulted me on several occasions. I intend on representing myself in court. I miss my baby. She is only 3 months.

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Going without an attorney, I'd say slim to none. You need an advocate to reverse the damage already done and put him in the lime light, not your past behavior. If you seriously want the child, you need to hire an attorney to make sure your chances are the best possible. You are in a tough spot and need to dig yourself out. Good luck.

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Without an attorney, you are not going to get what you want. Even with one, you may have insurmountable problems.

When he assaulted you, did you make police reports? If so, was he ever convicted for family violence? If he has been convicted of family violence during the past two years, he has no great story to tell either.

There are a range of possible outcomes in your case: If you are compliant with your psychiatric care program, you have a chance for joint managing conservatorship, but with a conviction for family violence, you are not likely to be the primary conservator.

I am so sorry that you are going through all this. Please try to get an attorney. Call Legal Aid. Call the Texas Legal Services Center ( Borrow money, get a second job--do what you have to do but please do not make things worse by representing yourself.

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