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I have a hearing to get my license reinstated in north carolina for not paying fines over the license have been gone

Asheboro, NC |

for a while.i have never lived in another state or had a license in another state.i called the dmv and they said i only needed to bring proof with me if i have lived in another state or had a this true

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Ultimately my Tarheel friend you may have to have the blessing of an administrative law judge. Unless I am reading this wrong, you are being asked to provide something that you clearly cannot. Ask for a hearing.

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You may be able to get your license reinstated by simply paying the old fines. This is very often the case for older tickets. However, if the case is an FTA and was never heard, then it needs to be disposed of properly in order to prevent another revocation. I suggest you get a printout of your record from DMV and take it to t lawyer who does a lot of traffic work. It is hard to give you specific advice without seeing your driving record.