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I have a Green Card. How long (Maximum months) I can stay abroad? Is it One year or Six Months?

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Last time I was stay 11 Months at India and return USA. Now a day I heard that in future if I visit back to India than I must return in six Months. it is true?? Please advise update laws of Green Card holder abroad stay??

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There is the presumption that you no longer wish to retain your legal perment resident stauts if, among others, you stay more than nine months out of the US. The USCIS can conduct secondary inspection to determine what are your plans for living in the US permanently. The six months has to do with naturalization. You must prove continuous residence in the US for naturalization. Your clock is reset to zero each time you spend six months of more out of the US. There is an application you can file to preserve your status. I sugest you meet with an attorney to fully explore your options.


It is extremely important that you speak with an attorney regarding your situation. The U.S. government may make a determination that you have abandoned your residency in the U.S. if you are out of the country for extended periods of time.

If you believe that you will be out of the country at any time for a period of 6 months or longer, it is advisable that you request permission to do so.

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