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I have a friend who was convicted for a rape chrge he didnt do. he took the blame. but now he wants to fight this 12yr old case

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He was young and didnt want to tell on his friend. the guy that did the actual crime is in jail right now for the exact same thing. He wants to know if there is anything that he can do to get the charge remove dropped. anything. He says that if anyone questions the girl she will admit it wasnt him. he didnt realize then how much it would impact his life. any suggestion on how to fix this or is it to late. the case was in new york. but he lives in another state now

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RE: Dismissal and Expungement:
This case requires an experienced NY appellate attorney. First the trial transcript would be essential. What did the eyewitness say about what happened? Did the complainant (female) exactly identify the wrong person and is she available to testify now! Also, the most important fact would be was there a rape kit prepared and could there be unexamined DNA evidence which could help exonerate you! We are doing this a lot in Texas (both Dallas and Houston). Also the real perp (now in prison) has a stake in how all this turns out. Has anyone interviewed him? I am not a NY lawyer but to ans. ur Q: It is never too late to clear your name. It takes time, money, and expertise... Good luck!

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