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I have a friend that has a child tha he pays child support he has been paying the past 15 months but he owes back child support

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They took his taxes last year would that be a reason the court to not give him visitation to his child?

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I am sorry your friend is going through this. Support and parenting time are two separate issues. It sounds as if the support issue is being handled. There must be something else going on that is preventing his parenting time. I suggest he address that particular issue. If your friend is unable to get information, I suggest he contact a local attorney to explore his options. Good Luck.

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As a general rule, child support arrears are not considered when determining parenting time.

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I agree with my colleague, in that child support is generally not tied to visitation or parenting time. I can't tell from your question if the court is with holding this or you are just asking the question because he has been denied it by the mother. If he does not have a court order establishing visitation, he needs to get one. His arrearage should not prevent him from exercising his visits.

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He is being denied by the mother not the court he thank just cause the mother want let him that the court want he is not unfit he wants to part of his sons life she just want let him because he isnt with her the child is 6 and he can count on one hand how many times hes see the child i jist dont thank they say no cause the mother does