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I have a felony in my record and most likely a warrant in CA. I am now out of state. If I cross the border, will they keep me?

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i was in a car accident in 2011, therefore I had to attend dui classes, etc. Just a few months ago i had to turn myself in, but didn't, instead i moved out of state and now want to go back. will i have trouble going through the border?

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There are no inspections regarding warrants on travelling between states.

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I think what you meant was your out of the country, not out of the state. You may get picked up at the border. If you are a citizen and you are picked up, they will make you finish out your jail sentence, I am guessing you converted your alcohol classes (AB 541 if first offense) to county jail. If not a citizen, they may make you turn right back around and deny you access into the U.S. Since this sounds like a misdemeanor I doubt they will take such drastic measures. As you know, the Tahl waiver has a whole section about citizenship, and your lawyer should have gone over this with you before pleading to anything. LAW OFFICES OF VICTORIA CLEMANS, OWNER VICTORIA'S LAW CENTER. (310) 803-9111



sorry, yes I'm out of the country, however it's not a misdemeanor it's a felony. what do you think will happen?



since it was a car accident, with a dui, it became a felony automatically. what do you suggest..



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