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I have a felony and wish to get my rights back. It's also over 10 years old and would like to seal/expunge it if possible?

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A friend of mine died in a car accident with me and I was sent to prison for vehicular homicide by recklessness in the mid 90s. I can vote, but I need to get my right to have a gun back as I'd like to go hunting this Fall. Next, I also want to be able to travel to Canada and I think there are some papers to complete for this. Finally, if possible, I'd like to seal/expunge this record since the conviction was October 1996 and I have no further felonies. I'm not sure if there is anything else to take care of, but I'd like to do it all at once if possible.

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These are all seperate issues. You cannot deal with them all at once/together.

As a convicted felon, I do not believe you may ever possess a gun again, period. I do not, however, deal with this issue regularly. So, I suggest you consult with a local, experienced criminal defense attorney on this issue.

As for Canada, you are a convicted felon and, thus, are inadmissible. Whether Canada would consider you rehabilitated is another issue entirely. You can apply for rehabilitation if more than 5 years have passed since the offense. So, you may apply for rehabilitation. You can find more information on rehabilitation at: Be aware that, if you are inadmissible for entry into Canada and you cross the border, you are committing a felony in Canada.

Whether you can expunge your conviction is another question for a local, experienced criminal defense attorney. Most initial consultations are free. So, you have nothing to lose! Perhaps, if you can expunge the felony, you can possess a firearm again.

Good luck!


Because Vehicular Homicide is a “violent offense” you will not be able to vacate or seal the conviction or expunge the arrest record. See RCW 9.94A.640 & RCW 9.94A.030.