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I have a DUI from 6 years ago but when I lost my job I was unable to finish my responsibilities.

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I completed all court ordered duties except Alcohol therapy and my fines. I have since completed 28 of my 44 hours of therapy and I want to know what my next move should be. I know that my fines have most likely tripled due to the time but I also know that I would have to hire a Lawyer to avoid any possible jail time. Should I complete all classes before moving forward or should I act now and how much can I expect to pay?

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You should hire a local criminal defense attorney and try to pay as much as possible and do as many alcohol classes as possible. Unfortunately, with the passage of time, they are likely going to make you start all over with alcohol classes and not give you credit for what you have already done

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Each judge handles probation violations differently. Find an attorney who practices in the county where your case is. Call for a free consultation.


This is a tough question to answer because everyone's circumstances are different and there is no correct answer. What may be best for you may not be best for someone else. Because you have a bench warrant out for failure to comply, your driver's license is also currently suspended. If you can wait to drive (assuming your BAC was under .170 and the DMV is not requiring completion of classes) then I always recommend that you finish all your requirements before you address this matter with the Court.

Also, you will want to hire an attorney so they can get the warrant quashed and help you avoid posting a bond in this case while it gets resolved. I always tell potential clients in your situation to do more than what was required since you didn't do it within the required timeframe. If you were ordered to do Level II, Track A; then do Level II Track B. if you were ordered to do 24 hrs UPS, then do 48 hrs.....either way you should consult with an experienced DUI attorney over the phone so you can discuss your options and tailor your game plan to your specific facts and circumstances.

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