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I have a DUI arrest warrant out of Summit County Ohio (Barberton Municipal) from 2003. Also charged with driving on suspended.

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This would have been my third DUI (First in 2001 in California, Second in 2003 (2 months prior) in Ohio). I was arrested and given an OR, but never went to court. Instead I moved back to California to go to rehab, had some more struggles, but have been sober since 2006. I haven't had a DUI since. DMV in California has given me my license back, but they claim I need to clear up this charge in order to renew my license. I no longer have any ties to Ohio (I was only there for college), and live a completely different life now. I know that I need to clear this up for many reasons, but I don't even know where to approach it,being that I live out of state. Do they do alternative sentencing for people who live and work out of state? Also have a failure to pay fines warrant from prior dui.

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The only good option is for you to hire an attorney near where the charge is pending who can file an appearance and try and get the case moving. Unfortunately, a third in six carries mandatory jail time. There may be some options though but would require a good attorney.

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You need to speak to local counsel and figure out a game plan, the first step being getting the warrant lifted and getting back in court. You have definite problems but an attorney can help. I have offices in Cleveland and Akron.



At some point you'll have to appear in court on this case - either for a trial or a plea and sentencing hearing. First things first, hire a skilled, local DUI lawyer to enter an appearance for you. They may be able to have the warrant recalled and get the case moving without you having to make the trip all the way back to Ohio just to have to come back at a later date. After that, your attorney can begin the process of collecting the evidence so you and they attorney can review the relative strengths and weaknesses of the case. Then you can formulate a plan to move forward with. Hope that helps.


I agree with everything the other attorneys have said. You are lucky in that Barberton Municipal Court has two very reasonable judges that will more than likely take into account the positive direction your life has taken since 2006. Contact my office and I can help. I am in Barberton Municpal frequently.


In Ohio, the minimum sentence for a DUI (OVI) is three days in jail or in a locked down approved alcohol education program. They do make accomodations for out of state people, but it usually is to allow someone to attend court on a Thursday, and enter into the three-day program Thursday evening.