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I have a disordery conduct non violent but is a felony6 and my sentence was 2 yrs probation and 6 mos of anger mangement. i was

Maricopa, AZ |

I was arrested in nov. 2006. the charge was reduced to disorderly conduct a felony 6. i have never been arrested before for anything in my life.
Now i am having trouble getting a job because this is on my record. i need help asap in getting a job.

please email me for any help you can provide.

thank you,

Don W. Smith

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I am not sure what information you are seeking. Arizona does not provide for an expungement. The best you can do is complete your probation and then file a request to set aside your conviction. If you need assistance to either petition the court to terminate probation and/or handle the motion to set aside the conviction, please give me a call.

Please cut and paste the link to my legal guide on the issue.


A disorderly conduct is usually a misdemeanor in AZ. You should check and make sure it wasn't designated a misdemeanor.

However, I agree with Mr. Snader. If in fact it was a felony conviction, there is something we refer to as a "set aside" which is as close to an expungement that you can get in AZ. It doesn't "expunge" the conviction from public records, but a judge does enter an order vacating the conviction and sentence, and dismissing the charge.

As Mr. Snader suggested, you probably need an attorney to assist you with this. There are a number of types of cases that can't even be set aside, and an attorney can tell you if yours is one of them.

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