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I have a dismissed substance possession from 2008 and would like to know if and how to have it expunged?

Oak Park, IL |

It was a controlled substance and there was no conviction, just a dismissal.

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If you have no other criminal convictions, it can likely be expunged.
Although this is something you can do on your own, many people find the process confusing and make a mistake that leads to a denial.
Contact a criminal attorney that handles expungements and get a quote. If you can afford it, it is money well spent to be represented.
You will need to be fingerprinted to get a rap sheet.
If you are considering hiring an attorney, I invite you to contact my office to discuss it further.


Have you been convicted of anything else?


Use the link above to fill out the worksheet to see if you qualify for an expungement. With no convictions of any kind and nothing pending now you would qualify to get the arrest expunged.

This comment is being left for informational purposes only and based solely on the information provided in the question. This comment does NOT create an attorney - client relationship. An attorney should be contact directly and given the full details of the specific circumstances in order to be best able to assist in the issues at hand.


If you have no other criminal convictions, you are eligible to file a petition to expunge the arrest and court case. Depending upon which county it is in, you can often obtain the necessary forms online. However, many people chosse to hire an attorney to handle the papwerrok and court appearances and any objections that may be filed by the police or the state. Eligibility does not guarantee the Petiton will be granted so often it is best to hire the lawyer. Most of us who do expungements will provide a free consultation and handle the matter for a reasonable fee.

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