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I have a disability, suffered intense bullying and emotional trama, and was retaliated against as a public school student.

Sanford, FL |

As a student of a Florida school district with Aspergers syndrome, I was bullied heavily throughout middle and high school between 2003-2008. Even despite continuously reporting it and the violent nature of some of the attacks nothing was ever done and the bullying continued. Additionally I had actually been expelled and baker acted under fabricated circumstances in 2008 in retaliation. I was never provided a safe educational environment and then was denied the opportunity to receive a proper education in a public school. I've suffered intense emotional traumas and social impediments resulting from this. I ended up having to finish my high school education online. I am now 21 and I would like to seek compensation from the school district for what I have been through. How should I do that?

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You should consult with a Florida education/constitutional attorney as soon as possible. You may have waited too long to bring any action on your claims. You waited until you were age 21: 5 to 10 years after the alleged incidents.

Although some of the claims may be federal in nature, the federal courts will look to the state in which the incident[s] happened to determine how much time you have to sue. For example, in PA and NJ and many states that would be 2 years from the date of the incident. In Florida, even if the federal court adopts the Florida minority tolling of actions and it is determined that no-one could have brought the action for you (your parent or guardian), you still have to bring the action "within 7 years after the act, event, or occurrence giving rise to the cause of action". Therefore, no action can be brought (except in very exceptional situations) for any action you have accrued prior to June 19th, 2006.