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I have a creditor that is threatening: CP has referred your accounts for litigation.

Hart, MI |

upon completion of our investigation into you attachable assets, employment, and bank accts our client has authorized litigation. --- these are for medical bills totaling 3192.61 I just paid over 1440.00 to the 2 weeks ago for other med bills and he couldn't even send me a dismissal or receipt. 3 of these bills are under 7 months old and the insurance is processing them now other amounts are incorrect he has some bills are not as high a he says or have been paid on. what can I do just to get this lawyer to slow down to get this sorted out because thee last bill took all of our money and I have to work our a payment plan after corrections are made. I feel that he is harassing me because I paid off some bills he will keep it up and my medical condition is not that great and n stress.

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I'm guessing you are dealing with a collection agent instead of a lawyer. If its in court, you need to answer the complaint to avoid a default. You can get time in court. Talk to a local lawyer to find out more.

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Hire a lawyer to write him a cease and desist letter, and/or call him to get things sorted out.

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Debt collectors are generally required to verify the debt upon demand by the debtor--so ask for verification of the debt. Do not assume that just because litigation is threatened it will necessarily occur (especially if you are making good faith attempts to pay your actual debt). Understand that if you are sued, court procedures require that you be provided "process"--including a copy of the complaint and a notice to appear. If you are indigent and cannot afford a lawyers, check whether there is a "legal services" group in your area that can provide assistance. Do not ignore court papers. If a judgment is eventually entered against you, ask the court for a payment plan that you can afford.

My answer to your question does not constitute legal advice, and does not create an attorney/client relationship. Please contact a lawyer directly for advice on your specific situation. Many local, county, and state bar associations provide a free lawyer referral service (check directory assistance or try an internet search for their contact information). Delay contacting a lawyer might prejudice your rights. I am licensed in Michigan but may not practice in all areas of law implicated by your question.