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I have a court order for child visitation, notification of changes in the childs care, my ex-wife doesn't comply with any of it.

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A judged ordered my ex-wife to exchange 1x weekly and everyother weekend our 12 year old daughter. The daughter refuses because she is 'mad' at me & my family and won't try and work things out. My ex-wife was ordered 'to be the grown up' and provide me with information on any changes to my daughters care. the judge ordered my daughter into counseling, my ex-wife refuses to do it. I don't get notifications when my daughter misses school, or goes to the doctor as stated in the court order. Basically my ex-wife hasn't followed one of the judges orders. I can't afford an attorney (already went that route and spent $50,000) What can be done to enforce the judges orders?ordered?

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Since the legal solution hasn't worked for you, I suggest that you try the counseling or mediation route. You state that your ex is "mad" at you. I recommend that you offer to go to counseling with the express purpose of allowing her an opportunity to have you really hear why she is mad at you. It has been my experience that counselors and mediators are able to do far more in bringing families to the ability to speak with each other about their children than Courts are. Your legal option is to bring a motion to have her found in contempt. In my state, her willfully and continually denying you parenting time would be grounds for a change of custody. Also in our state, the Court administrator has the modification of custody forms online for parties to do themselves. You may want to check with court administration regarding forms. Finding an experienced family law attorney in your state and spending the money for a consultation regarding your chances of getting a custody modification would be money well spent. Good luck.

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