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I have a court date for a restraining order for stalking my husbands coworker. My husband used to live at her house & decided to

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Move back with me. A month later we got into a fight & I called Her to come get him which she tried to do by texting, mailing me & calling the police on us for a disturbance while she was parked 3 houses down. I really wanted him to move back with her & still do. The restraining order act of violence and threats say that I asked her foe $300 for a divorce and my husband did say he was mentally ill and she took advantage of him. My husband does have a mental illness, verbally and physically violent.
Most of the phone calls took place on my brothers phone. Can she get a restraining order against me for asking her to help me out of my situation? She is a psychiatric nurse, I thought she was a good fit for my husband.

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If she can convince the court that you pose an ongoing threat to her, then she can get a restraining order. Most judges err in favor of issuing the order if they have any doubt.

From what you describe, you certainly should have filed for divorce by now and that may help you put separation between this woman and yourself. If you want your husband out of the house, that (divorce) is the correct route to take - not phone calls to his coworkers or ex-girlfriends.

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My husband called her drunk telling her to leave me alone bc she has threatened physical violence on me through him. When he was on the phone with her she said she was retaliating by pressing charges on me. Should I use my husband as a witness?


I am surprised that the judge issued the restraining order because it is obvious that you were NOT violent towards her nor did you threaten violence against her. So, the only basis for the issuance of the restraining order would be stalking - consistent texts with no legitimate purpose and with the INTENT to cause serious emotional distress. As I have said, you need an attorney. Whether myself or another attorney, give me at call on my cell at (303) 906-9484 or my email at to assist you in finding someone in advance of Tuesday's PRO hearing.

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