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I have a copy of a police report that I can prove is fraudulent, to whom or where would I file a complaint?

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I finally got a copy of a police report but in the report it only referrers to 2 officers but in fact there was 3 officers. One of the Officers I know for a fact is a friend of my abusive husband's brother a lieutenant in Long Beach. The reporting officer states he is the Officer that talked to me along with his partner but the fact is the 2 local officers came to assist an Investigator from San Bernardino with the illegal taking of my truck (have video to prove there way 3 officers). The reporting officer makes the report out as if he was the officer talking to me when in fact he never talked to me the only one that did was the Investigator. What I did say isn't what he puts in the report. It mentions they called and talked to the investigator, but leaves the fact the invest was there.

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First of all, have you been charged with a crime? If you have, talk to your lawyer. You might be causing problems in your case.

Even if charges haven't been filed, if you shake things up, it might prompt the DA to file something that otherwise wouldn't have been filed.

With that said, most police departments have a review board that investigates citizen complaints. You can contact the agency involved and ask how to file a citizen complaint.

One more thing... and I can't repeat this enough... if you already have an attorney in a criminal case, TALK TO YOUR LAWYER before you do anything!

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No this is a case where my husband since his brother is in law enforcement abused they power took things into their own hands and stole a truck that was and still is registered in my roommate and my name and gave the truck to my husband. And the officer that they are coving for is an investigator from down south, friend of my brother-in-law . This is a huge case of police misconduct , goes to the continued abuse I have had to suffer and still am suffering. Now my husband is being assisted by police and investigator to keep victimizing me.


You could always file a citizens complaint with the police department. However, I suspect that the police officers will back each other up and say that the report was accurate. By the way, why would they "illegally" take your truck? What are the cops doing to do with it? It wasn't being repossessed, was it?

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They took the truck and gave it to my abusive husband who it not the registered owner or on title, as a favor to my husband's brother which happens to be a lieutenant in Long Beach. The investigator that came is friends of their but that investigator shouldn't of been involved it wasn't in his jurisdiction. I have received a metro ticket but my husband is driving but since the truck is registered in my name I get the tickets. I have audio, video, and the documentation to back up everything that really happened. I won't be victimized any more by my husband or his brother or corrupt officers. This if anything is a civil matter so why did they even get involved?