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I have a contract with a home improver. I texted messaged the sale person to recomfirm work being perform. Can this hold in crt

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I asked the home improver sales guy to replace the gutters boards on house. I have not been feeling well for the past month and been forgetting much. . I signed a work contract with a supplement of $?? to be paid. He was writing notes on his contract and nothing on mine. After he left, I got to thinking did he write anything abt having all the gutter boards replaced. I texted him. He said yes, and has it written down. The weekend before work was to take place, sent him a text message abt comfirming work being comfirmed he agreed to our prior conversation. The work was half was done. I called him and asked why the work work was not performed. He said the contruction manager will be in touch. So, I talked to CM. and he was going to get w/ me abt it. Nothing. It has been 5 days.

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I don't think your reconfirming text is relevant, since you've got a written supplement to your written contract, so you don't need to worry about whether it will hold up in court. No contracting party needs to re-confirm anything.

Given that the 5 days includes a major holiday and a time when people don't work, I don't think you can expect anyone to respond the way they might otherwise. Your acknowledged forgetfulness also makes me wonder what the deal is here.

Regardless, give the contractor some more time to address this.

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Well it was settled. I won. Always use a cell fone for evidence for contact with a contractor. Many people are doing the same thing with company as well.