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I have a company in Vancouver BC Canada, Today I received an invoice that shows someone has used my company information to

Vancouver, WA |

purchase a specific product from a company in Netherlands and third party company in Netherlands has paid the invoice. can I sue these companies?

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You probably could, but why? If you are worried about future liability attaching to your company, then there are cheaper and faster ways to establish that your company identity has been stolen.

Litigation is expensive and time consuming. I engage in litigation for fun and profit, but it won't be that way for you! You have a business to run, and your primary job is to do the work that your business focuses on...not litigation. It is neither sport, nor profitable.

You could have an attorney contact the companies involved, file reports with Interpol and the local law enforcement agencies in the Netherlands, and with your Canadian agencies governing businesses.

I do not encourage people to engage in litigation lightly. There must be a specific goal you wish to achieve, and your post does not express that. You may want to explore this further with legal counsel.

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