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I have a clean record but was arrested for theft but not charge is there anyway to get it off my record

Harrisburg, PA |
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You should consider an expungement.

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Yes. A petition for expungement should be filed. Talk to an attorney as there are forms you need for the petition. Also it takes a while for the information is deleted after you successfully get an expungement.



is it to soon to ask for expungement if it just happen about a week ago


If you were not convicted, the charge can be expunged. Retain a criminal defense attorney to file the necessary court documents.


You can retain counsel and file for an expungment but first check to see that you infact have an arrest record. The mere fact that you were arrested, detained and even transported to the police dept. does not mean that a record exists. Its likely that it does but have counsel check first.

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the arrest records, regardless of whether you were guilty or not guilty, is what remains. you have to hire a lawyer to expunge this .

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