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I have a charge of simple battery- family violence- dismissed I need it EXPUNGED I'm a Paramedic. Cant get a job now Help

Savannah, GA |

Simple battery- family violence- dismissed NOLLE Prossed first offense. actually the person was not my family and it was incorrect. the other person involved was a Drunk and was insisting to drive the car. I refused and she got violent with me fighting me for the keys. I called the police to help me get her under control and keep her from hitting me and they arrested me instead. I was not able to defend myself against a 5'7" tall person that weighed 300lbs I am 5' and 130lbs so I threw the phone and the keys in the yard and told her if she could find the keys in the dark she could leave in the car. I thought by the time she found the keys she would have sobered up someand changed her mind about getting krystals. BUT no, the cops came I went to jail for hindering a 911 call and simple batte

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Expungement forms are available from many prosecutor's offices. Complete the form and follow the directions. The biggest issue for you will be the time span. Hiring an attorney may help you "speed up" the process, but expungements always take some time to process by all the parties involved. Good Luck!