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I have a case pending on my car accident injury im suing auto insurance for my injuries mean while i want to go to vacation

Dearborn, MI |

i want to go to overseas just for a month i missed my wife. can i go overseas just for one month and come back. im seeing 6 doctors for my injuries im going to physical therapy and spine therapy. is it ok if i go to a vaction and come back to continue my treatment

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Going on vacation to see your wife shouldn't negatively effect your case - too much anyway - really depends on the types of injuries you are claiming. If you already have an attorney - you should run it by them and see what they think. I usually tell people not to let their cases run their life - if you are healthy enough to go see your wife - why not?

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It's probably okay but keep in mind you are in Michigan and Michigan has a serious impairment threshold law for auto accident cases. If the courts interpret that threshold more harshly next year as I predict they might, then evidence of long trips can be used to argue that your injuries are not seriously impairing you. So I can't tell you whether it is or is not okay, Just understand that Michigan law is based upon impairment, not pain. Certainly, ongoing treatment with a variety of specialists is also very important.
Now, all of that being said, the best answer to your question is to ask your lawyer.
I do have a lot of information on proving serious impairment on my website:
Good luck


And to add to Mr. Gursten's fine answer, if you do not yet have an attorney, call Attorney Gursten's office. I wish you well.

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Doesn't sound very serious if you can go on vacation


Ask your attorney and your doctors. I do not think any jury or Judge would hold it against you. Sure the other side may try to spin it against you but if you have a strong trial attorney that should not be a problem. Just make sure your attorney knows and they notify the other side.


I agree with what was said by the other attorneys. But I would stress that this is a question for your doctors and your attorney. Your question implies you are already in litigation? If not, you need to hire a good car accident lawyer. If you are suing the the party that caused the accident, you need to meet the Michigan threshold. This is very different from suing your insurance company.

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