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I have a brother that is mentally ill . Recently he had a mental breakdown and he was arrested for attempted aggravated

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assault . He should be in the mental hospital getting treatment not in a jail cell . He does not even have a recollection of what he did to get himself arrested . Do you have any advise as to steps our family can take to avoid my confused and mentally ill brother from serving jail time ? ?

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Your brother needs a criminal attorney who is skilled in handling cases involving mentally ill defendants. The public defender's office certainly is able to handle these cases. Your brother can not be tried or sentenced if he is not competent, which requires an examination by a mental health professional. There is a special court called "Rule 11 Court" that handles these examinations. If your brother is represented by a public defender, make sure you ask if your brother is a candidate for a Rule 11 examination. Good luck.

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Attorney Gieszl is giving you good advice, but you have to remember, when an individual is arrested, he or she is no longer working with the mental health system, he or she is dealing with the criminal justice system. For better or worse, the criminal justice system will tend to look at mental illness matters with a very calloused eye.

I would suggest getting an attorney who is comfortable working with the justice system, with whom you feel comfortable.

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