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I have a BI HomeBase system w/o a breath machine, but the PO says it (my bracelet) can detect if I've drank? true?

Latrobe, PA |

P.O. told me the bracelet will register if I drank or even got products with alcohol on me. Is this true? Can it determine the type or amount of alcohol?

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Your question implies that you are looking to drink. This is a big mistake. If you have a problem with alcohol then set up treatment. You will also need a criminal defense attorney to represent you.


My advice to clients is always the same with respect to probation. Follow all instructions to the letter without question. Your goal should be to impress your PO that you are not like many of the people he/she has to deal with--people who have problems with compliance. If you are successful in standing out from the crowd in that way, your life while being supervised will improve tremendously. Btw standing out from the crowd in a positive way is NOT difficult to do. Your competition is not much. The other course, which you seem inclined to take is to be like most of the others. You will learn, eventually, that that course is really a bad choice to make. They do, in fact, make home monitoring bracelets that have the ability to detect alcohol intake through the skin. Do you have one of those on? I don't know, but if that's your real concern, you got a much bigger problem coming your way.


To the best of my knowledge they do not make a bracelet that detects alcohol. However, JUST DON'T DRINK!!!!!! It is that easy. You already tired to fight the system and you lost....which is why you are on probation in the first place. Don't try again, you will lose again and it will be worse. Follow the rules and do your time. That is the best advice anyone can give you and I and some of my colleagues have already.

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