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I have a bench warrant out for my arrest due to not finishing my counseling classes from a DUI I got back in 2009. What do I do?

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Classes were extended once before. Could not afford at the time so I did not finish them. Looking at serving 9 days in jail. Is there a way to get it dismissed or pushed back. I am a single mom to 2 and have nowhere for my kids to go for 9 days.

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Get a lawyer and do the most important thing, which is to get that warrant recalled. Then you can try to get back into the class and perhaps do an alterntive to jail or get suspended time. There are options, but the best bet is to deal with it head on with an attorney at your side.

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Do a self-surrender and tell the judge why you were having problems and how you can take the course now. Ask the judge to sign a new order and take the classes.


Depending on the judge and the court, you need to go to court prepared with a plan in case the judge won't extend the time to complete the classes and not just excuses. It sounds like this has been hanging over your head for almost four years and the judge can take you into custody to complete your days at that time. The likelihood of having the days "dismissed" are slim to none.


If a lawyer represented you in the original case, you can probably still contact that same attorney to ask for his or her help in preparing for, and scheduling, the court appearance in which you will voluntarily return to court to face the judge's decision about this. Your 9 days in jail may have been a condition of probation. If so, there is probably a warrant out now for your arrest, and you could be facing more than 9 days in custody. A voluntary return to court will get you a much better result than waiting for law enforcement to find you.

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