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I have a bench warrant and want to turn myself in will i go to jail?

Akron, OH |

it is a bench warrant for failure to pay a $150 dollar fine for obstruction of official business.

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You may be able to have the warrant lifted by simply paying the fine. Contact the court where the warrant was issued to inquire. Otherwise you will may have to turn yourself in and be arraigned by a judge or magistrate. If you cannot post bond or pay the fine you could potentially be detained.


I would suggest you pay the fine and afterward contact the clerk to ask if the warrant can be cleared. If that's not possible, contact a local attorney to get advice on how to proceed. At that point, you will at least be in a better position having eliminated the reason for the warrant being issued.

I am licensed to practice criminal and DUI law in VA, not OH. As such, I may be unaware of certain state laws; and therefore, my response may be incorrect or inappropriate. Please use my response for informational purposes only.

Good luck.

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Depending on the Judge, you may be taken into custody for the warrant if you just show up at Court. In some instances, the Court requires you to turn yourself in before they will allow you to appear before them. In either event, you should make a payment towards your fines prior to your appearance in Court. If the Clerk of Courts will not accept a partial payment, you should have a family member prepared to make the payment on your behalf. Hiring a lawyer in this situation would be beneficial, especially if your case is in Akron Municipal Court. A lawyer familiar with the Akron Municipal Court could efficiently direct you through the system in order to minimize the amount of time you could potentially spend in custody. If you fail to turn yourself in on the warrant, the Court may look less favorably upon your situation.

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