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I have a bail jumping on my driving record and don't know why?

Austin, TX |

I never jumped bail and I admit forgetting to appear for a traffic ticket but I paid it off and I felt everything was goodl, now I see this and the job that has been offered to me probably won't like seeing this. Can it be removed? I can't win for losing!!

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Attorney answers 3


If it is in error it can be removed, however to cut through the bureaucratic tape you should hire a lawyer.


Administrative errors do happen--and more often than you might think. It may be easier though to have an attorney to get to the bottom of this for you, rather than trying to fix it yourself, because the attorney can act as a go-between.


Which Court is the Bond Jumping? Typically that charge is filed in the County Court, and is a jailable offense, so you'll want to track it down quickly and hire an attorney to take care of it. Travis County has cracked down on Bail Jumping cases and it's more difficult now to get them dismissed (although it does occur).

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