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I Have a B2 tourist Visa and i want to change it to a B1 visa and extend my stay?

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so my visa is a B2 which is valid for 5 years i still have 3 months till i leave but i want to stay longer is it at all possible to change my visa to a working visa which i believe is the B1? and extend my stay?

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This is a misperception. A B-1 visa has limited uses for work. It is often used by those who have to attend trade shows to promote or solicit business in the U.S. Those who try to extend the form I-94 on a B-2 visa beyond 180 days can create future visa challenges. A form I-539 should be used in very limited situations to avoid being barred from future travel to the U.S.

A B-2 is to visit, not to live and work in the U.S. You will need to consider other visa options such as an H2, H1-b, an O-1 or L-1 depending upon your qualifications and situation. You should consider leaving soon or you may be sucked into the so-called visa vortex so to speak. You can wait a long time for a decision.

If the decision is negative, you may have trouble using your B-2 visa in the future. You may also have trouble trying to renew it a U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

The effects of the extension request may not be immediate, but it can be long lasting.

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