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I have a 50/50 Legal and Custody in California and what would court give me for visitation if I move out of state.

Auburn, CA |

I tried to work out a schedule with my child's mother but she doesnt agree.
I am asking for Summer Vacation and alternating holidays and 2 weeks vacation.
I am scared of losing any time with him.How does california courts feel about travel. She wants to use a mediator and I feel like that would not be of any benefit to me. She is arguing he is to young to be away for the summer I cant think of a solution.Are there any ideas or ways other than that?

I have been through mediation before and I usually lose.

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You don't say how old your child is, or how the current schedule is set up to yield 50/50.

You also don't say where you're moving to, other than that it's "out of the state". Nevada? Washington? New York? Germany? Australia? (if you live in Auburn, Reno's NV is closer than Los Angeles) and what kind of travel arrangements will be needed, or you can afford.

Finally, you don't say anything about your child's current school schedule, and what kind of arrangements you'd make to care for your son if you had most or all of the Summer vacation allocated to you (does your job offer you that much time off? Who's going to take care of him while you're working?)

Under California law, before a judge can decide the issue, you'll be REQUIRED to see a mediator. The first thing you need to do is figure out all the logistics necessary for whatever plan you propose.

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