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I have a 5 year old son and the father never tried to get in contact with me before, he recently filed a motion for sole custody

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I do have a police report from California when we lived together where he beat me and kicked me in the stomach while pregnant, that was the fight that led us to breaking up and me not hearing or seeing from him until now, I requested a copy from California Police, Does this work in my favor? I live with my mom and two year old nephew whom my son is very close too, I am currently pregnant from someone else and on the county but have a job offer waiting after I deliver birth, does this help my case? My son's father currently lives off his SSI, so will I be able to win my case?

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You shouldn't try to handle a custody case on your own. If his rights have not been terminated, the court will allow him to reunify with the child. Whether or not that is supervised, or therapeutic depends on the strength of your facts. His request for sole is certainly frivolous given the facts you set forth.


Your first issue is to get a protective order to stop him from beating you again. The District Attorney has a department to assist in this.

After that, get legal help. Handled properly, custody is unlikely from an absentee violent father, but you really need a lawyer.