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I have a 4 warrants in 3 Texas counties that resulted from speeding tickets dating as far back as 5 years. What are my options?

Houston, TX |

I recently got laid-off from my job and am considering sitting out the fines in jail. The counties are Brazoria, San Jacinto, and Nacogdoches. If i decide to serve my time, what should I expect throughout the process? Thank you.

Since the first citation, I have not made any sort of contact with the courts and have no prior offenses on criminal record.

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You should call a traffic offense or traffic ticket attorney in your area. You could also call each of the courts to see what they say. However, I would not take any action with the cases until speaking with an attorney.

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Contact an attorney who handles speeding tickets in the counties. Usually the Counties don't like to pay for inmates to serve traffic offenses. Maybe it can be worked out.


I have handled traffic citation warrants for clients all over Texas. Many times no personal appearance is needed, but they may require an attorney bond. You will find that the fees have doubled since you missed your court date. However, the city attorney or prosecutor will plea bargain, greatly reducing the amounts you have to pay. Also, if you have citations for moving violations, and or license or no insurance, paying the fines or sitting them out results in convictions on your driving record. This can result in very expensive surcharges and possible suspension from DPS,. At least call an attorney and weigh your options.

J L Carpenter

J L Carpenter


You don't want to just sit out the traffic warrants because points get placed against your license for traffic convictions. If you cannot hire a traffic lawyer, which would be your best course of action, then call each court and work something out with them. They may require that you make bonds on the warrants and receive a new court date on which you could work the cases out. Good luck! -JL Carpenter-Rambin /

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