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I have a 1% major complication from cranial surgery that resulted in major nerve damage

Lakeport, CA |

I had cranial ritzotomy surgery to relieve nerve pain in my face called Trigimanal Neurologia. The Neurosurgen cut 2 major nerves to relieve severe pain. I had 2 less evasive surgeries prior for this condition.
There was a 1% major complication that causes the right side of my face to be numb with burning delibilitatating pain worse than the original condition. There is no treatment !

I can not eat or talk correctly, my face feels frozen to the touch, my nose permanently runs, and the inside of my face is sore from constantly biting the inside of my cheek.

I was told from other doctors the surgery was unnessesary and I was ill advised, I had no aftercare and there is no pain relief or treatment. The complication is called Anastesia Delorosa. Do I have a case to sue??

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Possibly. Although you likely provided informed consent for the procedure itself, recommendation of the procedure when it wasn't warranted may also constitute medical malpractice (ie. breach of the standard of care). I'd be happy to talk to you about this if you want to give me a call: 760-431-5290

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The issue is whether there was a breach of the standard of care, or a bad result from a known risk of the procedure.

You should order all your medical records and bills. Then, contact a local med mal lawyer from Avvo in your state who is willing to investigate your claim. Go in for an appointment and give the lawyer your records, and the lawyer will send them to an expert who will ascertain whether or not there was a breach of the standard of care.

Good luck.

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The information in your question is not a promising fact pattern for a medical malpractice case unless you were never informed of the risk of what happened. Even if you didn't know of the risk, it could be a tough case. You had two prior procedures that were unsuccessful and you were in enough distress from your condition to agree to drastic surgery. Before taking time and spending money ordering records- which I assume will be voluminous- talk to some medical malpractice lawyers in your area and get their reactions. Such consultations are generally free.

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