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I have a $200 refundable deposit amd also a$200 non refundable deposit, can landlord take out of my refundable dep for cleaning?

Auburn, WA |

Landlord says my refundable deposit will probably be kept for carpet and cleaning..although im month to month, its not in the lease, and i gave appropriate notice. Can they do that?

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The non refundable deposit should be designated for a particular purpose , pet, cleaning , etc. see the link below for RCW 59.18.285 The normal return of the deposit or the statement of retention is governed by RCW 59.18.280 and a few more facts need to be revealed to answer that but you can read the statute as see if the landlord followed the statute.
If the landlord failed and you can prove it small claims court for return of your deposit and double damages is in order.
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