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I have 5 parking violations from san diego california from 4-5 years ago. what is the statue of limitations?

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i live in san diego i am now in minnesota. i thought these were paid but notices went to my mothers adress in fresno ca no proof that they were paid as its been almost 5 years.

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You not paying them wouldn't affect the SOL, even if there was such a thing on parking tickets.

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One misconception about statutes of limitations is that people think they can disappear after being charged and that after a certain amount of time, the S of L will run and they can't be prosecuted. Not quite the way it works. Generally, if a crime has been commited and the police fail to make an arrest or the DA fails to prosecute in a certain amount of time, the S of L will run. However, if person is charged and then disapears, then it is not the governments fault and the S of L does not run. Although I doubt there is an S of L for parking tickets, if there were it would only matter is the law decided to try and ticket you after the time period in the S of L, but not run if you just didn't pay them. You could try to negotiate a settlement.

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