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I have 30 months left on my ltd benefits with Cigna. I get 1887.00 monthly.They offered me 5k! Is this even reasonable?

Lenoir, NC |

My SS hearing is coming up. I have Advantage 2000 atty which I regret. He called and said SS would approve my claim but want to move it up to start in June 2011 when I turned 50. I was hurt Apr 2010, had surgery disc replacement Aug 2010. Never went back to work.Employer fired me saying they had to for me to get LTD. Cigna cut me off once after functions test. I appealed,got it back. HR from the employer worked for called and said Cigna rep called her and offered payout of the full remainder of the benefit. She said that he said it would be no more and no less than the full amt. Why he didnt call me is odd.When I did call him, he sent letter offer of 5k. Maybe because they know about my SS offer thru Adv 2000? I smell something. My hearing is May 29

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This is an employee benefits question, so I will try to repost. Additionally, no one here is able to answer whether this is a good deal because we do not have enough information or know all the facts, and that information should not be posted here.

If you are unhappy with your attorney, first talk to him or her and see if things can get straightened out - a face to face meeting is best. If that does not work, get a second opinion from an attorney in your are who handles insurance and LTD claims.

Best of luck to you.

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When you receive LTD through your employer's policy, you are generally required to also apply for SSDI through a provision on your LTD policy. If you're then approved for SSDI, your LTD benefit will be offset by the amount of your Social Security benefit. Advantage 2000 is hired by Cigna to pursue SSDI on your behalf because Cigna benefits by the reduced LTD benefit if you are approved by SS.

In your case, you haven't been approved for SSDI yet, but it sounds like Cigna is trying to negotiate a buy-out of your remaining benefits. Perhaps the amount they've offered is what they are assuming they will owe you for the remainder of your claim should you be awarded SSDI and they take the offset to the LTD benefit, but without more information, I certainly cannot be sure. Only can you decide whether you want to accept Cigna's offer, try to negotiate a different offer, or decline the offer and continue to receive monthly LTD benefits. I'm not sure you can make that determination until you know what your SSDI status will be.

I would review your LTD policy carefully to determine whether the LTD benefit will offset if you receive SSDI and how long you will remain eligible for LTD benefits. If you decline to accept Cigna's offer and they later terminate your benefits (which they may do whether you're awarded SSDI or not), you will have an opportunity to appeal that termination of benefits. In that case, I would strongly suggest that you find an attorney with experience in handling long term disability benefits that are provided by an employer. You may also consider consulting with an experienced employee benefits attorney with regard to Cigna's offer before you make a decision.