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I have 3 kids and no water after town shut off in under two weeks of previous bill

Danvers, IL |

I own a home in Danvers, Il we have lived here for more than 5 years. Our water bill was mailed on sept 28 and is due on 13. bill was under 70 dollars 15$ of it is x fac charge for the last 5 years for trying to improve our water that has above legal limits of arsnic. We have seen no improvement. I got a second notice of the bill last week and went online of bank to see why it did not send out. I have 3 kids under age 6 with the vomiting flu this week. There was a sticker put on a door we do not use dated on nov 1 that it needs to be paid by 3 on nov 1 or they shut off. This bill stated i now owe a late fee of 75.59 (more than original bill) and a 50 service fee now a total of 198.23 well over original bill of no notice and under 30 days past due

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Go to the village first thing in the morning and see what arrangements can be made. Perhaps they will waive some of your charges if you have never been late before.



Thank you for your help I do know that the mayor does not buge on any fees



We were late in the first year we moved here when we got home from my c section to know water of being in hospital with an infection post op I just can't believe they can shut off for such a small amount and so quickly We use to pay over the amount for years but it did not matter when we were late after surgery over 6 years ago


Cities have wide discretion in setting billing practices for water and sewer. Most villages in Illinois have their municipal code, which includes the billing practices online, but for whatever reason, Danvers doesn't at the present time so I can't tell if they followed their own stated practices. Still, it sounds like they gave you adequate notice and you need to make arrangements to make payment. If you really didn't get a bill, you could go to a city council meeting and ask them to waive the late charges. The comment about arsenic has nothing to do with whether you need to pay a water bill. Good luck.

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