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I have 3 duis can i get house arrest ..

Moreno Valley, CA |

i got 2 dui that i pleaded guilty to but havent took care of any classes or paid money.. the third dui i havent went to court for it.. one in la county another in orange county an the one i havent went to court for is in riverside county...

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The timing of when you received the DUIs and when you were convicted is critical to determine how much custody you're facing. Normally, you will have to spend time in jail or work furlough after a second or third DUI, but the specifics differ from county to county in California. You should consult a defense attorney about what can be done in each of your cases.


If you are currently on probation for 2 DUIs and you've never done any of the classes or paid the money, picking up a 3rd DUI is going to be a big problem for you. Mr. Limberg is correct, you may be able to get work furlough, but that's not a guarantee - that usually up to the Sheriffs department. You are facing a minimum of 120 days in jail for your 3rd DUI as well as a year and a half on the 2 other DUIS if you are still on probation for them. Good luck.


The fact that you have not done as you were told on the first 2 DUI’s will make the situation worse for you. Is it possible to get house arrest, yes, but will only an attorney that is working of your case can say for certain. If you are looking at a third DUI you need an attorney.
Robert Driessen

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