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I have 3 D.U.I's,the 3rd one was 2 and a half years ago deferred,can I get the interlock dismissed?they want me to do 10 years

Spanaway, WA |

I've done all court ordered things,did work crew to pay some fines,still going to counseling,haven't bump into trouble,saved money to get a car but they want me to do 10 years with it.that's a lot of money.ny son was born 6 mo ago,and it changed my there a way it could be dismissed?since its 2 years ago from the new law?

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Attorney answers 2


I doubt it but you should consult a WA lawyer. It sounds like you missing drinking and driving to me and would probably sound that way to a judge.


The Department of Licensing is notorious in making people use the interlock. They make the determination on how long the requirement is based on the number of DUI incidents you have on your record. The minimum requirement on a new deferred prosecution is 2 years. I doubt that you will be able to get the requirement dropped, and would at least need to complete the deferred prosecution first.