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I have 10 acres in Monroe zoned OPEN SPACES. I want to build a home there. Does zoning cause problem for me? Can we build house

Monroe, WA |

We are looking to buy 10 acres in Monroe, wA but it is zoned Open Spaces. We want to build a house on the property but don't know if it will reclassify the property and cost us back taxes and penalties, etc. Can you help answer this question?

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Building a house on the property will take it out of open space classification for real estate taxes. The seller will be responsible for any taxes due on the property. Check with the zoning enforcement officer to make sure that the property is a conforming building lot and you can build on it.You should also make sure that the property is buildable with regard to the wetlands requirements.


If the property is zoned as by the local government as Open Space the construction of a single family residence on the property would be inconsistent with the designated zoning classification and not be allowed without an amendment to the applicable zoning designation or application and approval for a zone variance.