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I have two misdemeanor for illegal taxi cab. How can I clean them from my records?

Sylmar, CA |

In January 2013, I went to court to have my car back, and the investigator suggested me to confess myself guilty. I did so to have my car back. It has been 9 months, and I haven't received a letter for my case. Is my case dropped? How long do I have to wait for the letter notification? Should I hire a lawyer for this matter? How much will it cost me?

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You question is really all over the place. Do you have a conviction? If so, you cannot expunge until:
1). The probation is over, or if you didn't get probation, one year from conviction; and
2). You have no other probation or parole going; and
3). You have no cases pending.
The statute of limitations for filing the taxi misdemeanor is 1 year from the date it occurred.
I'm not sure what the "matter" is at this point, because your question is unclear. Likewise, I cannot advise whether you need a lawyer or how much it will cost. MY SUGGESTION:
contact one of the many lawyers on Avvo that offer free consultations and get your question answered one-on-one.

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It's unclear whether you have two cases or two convictions.

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I agree with my colleagues; it's unclear what happened in January. However, if you went to court because you had been issued a citation and, in court, pled guilty to a violation, the case is over because you were convicted and you will not receive any letter from the court for that reason.

You may be on informal probation, possibly for two years.

What court did you go to and who is this "investigator" you mention?


I agree with my colleagues it's unclear what you have. In order to give you good information you better contact an attorney. An attorney can get to the bottom of it and get you answers. Most attorneys on AVVO offer free consultation, call and discuss consultation.

Sharon Paris Babakhan


You could petition the court to dismiss the conviction pursuant to Penal code section 1203.4 once you have terminated probation and are not facing other criminal charges. My cost is $750.00-$1,500.00. Most petitions are granted on judicial council forms (without a court appearance) without much difficulty and my fee is $ 750.00. However, in rare occasions, the court denies it, and then I have to file a formal petition. My fee then is $ 1,500.00.
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