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I have 3 warrants for my arrest and im going to mexico can i be arrested on the way back into the u.s

Norco, CA |
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I wouldn't take the chance. I'd clear the warrants here in the US before you get arrested. It's easier to clear up your situation if you present yourself in court with a lawyer than if you are brought there in chains and clothed in county orange.


To expand on the three-letter, single word answer from the other attorney...

Whenever traveling out of the country, you'll have to come back through customs upon reentry. There is the distinct possibility that upon screening, your warrant will pop up and you could be arrested on the warrant. While you *may* pass through the screening without this happening, better to take care of the warrants before any international travel unless you're willing to risk this distinct possibility.


To add another note...

The Department of Homeland Security is very embarrassed right now that Faisal Shahzad -- who was arrested in last weekend's attempted car bombing in Times Square -- managed to get onto a plane that was already headed to a runway before he was arrested.

You can bet that they're going to be very careful in the future to avoid further slip-ups, and that security is tighter than ever right now.

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