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I had to flee because of death threats from my ex. Now I have no job and no place to live. He is trying to get custody can I win

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My ex has been abusive to me for about 3 years, no police reports. But never to my son. I have a PO currently it states that I have custody and he has visitation. I know that this is not a legal custody agreement. He is trying to call me an unfit mother because I no longer have a job and am currently living with my aunt. During our 5 years I have supported us and he has not had a license or a steady job & has been arrested for multiple things, including marajiuna, dui, b&e and driving suspended. I have been the primary care giver since our son was born but I don't know how to prove it. He is also trying to blackmail me with not cleaning the house saying that I leave pet waste everywhere calling me an unfit mother. I no longer have a job and can't afford a lawyer. What are my chances?

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This is a case of he-said/she-said. Since you've never filed a police report or (I'm assuming) ever gone to the hospital with injuries, etc., then you have no objective evience of abuse or maltreatment. Unfortunately, judges hear claims all the time from parties making up stories in order to get what they want, which is why they rarely believe what they are being told by the parties. What is objective here is the fact that you have no means of caring for the child and no home. He has a criminal record, but it isn't for crimes of violence against you or the child, so I don't know that a judge will look at that in a negative light. I'd say you have your work cut out for you.

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Stay strong and fight for your child. I thought that my ex "only" abused me as well. It turned out he had abused our children since years and threatened them badly. Be careful my friend and try to get stronger again.



I agree! Just because you never called the police or went to the hospital doesn't mean he wasn't abusing you!!! His criminal record though not violent shows he"s not a very productive member of society. As far as proving you took care of both him and your child without his help might be easy to prove. Example tax records, old checks or money order receipts, etc. All I can say is stay strong and don't allow this cycle to continue! Goodluck, you will be fine. Just stay strong like you have been and everything will be alright!

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