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I had stopped at a stop sign, on a 2 lane street,, waited for cars to go by and proceeded through the intersection of a 4 lane

Palatine, IL |

Street. I was hit on my passenger rear door. I did not see the car coming. It was morning and raining.
I received a traffic ticket for speeding. I was not speeding, I had stopped at the sign. This is the first traffic ticket I have received in 20 plus years. What can I do since I wasn't speeding? There were not any witnesses.

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If the police did not witness your driving, then he can not testify as to hearsay. If he did witness it and shows up in court, then hire a lawyer.


Spend a couple hundred bucks for a local traffic court lawyer to fight it


Report it to your carrier, do not plead guilty, and consider retaining a traffic court attorney.

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A conviction and fine for the 'speeding' ticket is not the true concern, but it is the exposure to a personal injury suit and increased insurance premiums that result from such a conviction. Hire a traffic/criminal lawyer and fight the ticket. If the officer did not witness the accident, then the other driver will be the only person capable of testifying that you were speeding. This can and should be challenged with specific questions asked of the other driver.

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