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I had some home improvements and now there is no turning back. loan sharking? please help

Salem, VA |

i contacted ALLGOOD after seeing their ad in our local newspaper. the rep came to my house to measure, said that because of the would be a bit more than the ad. stated 49. monthly. I was willing to pay 200. monthly. They wanted NO money upfront, didn't even want to discuss money, but wanted to process application ASAP. Nothing was ever mentioned of the credit app. A couple wks after work was completed, another rep came to my house for me to sign the contract. Several times he advised me to "look it over within 3 days" red flags went, i looked it over, canceled contract promptly. attempted to have loan approved through the two banks that i've been with for 15 years, neither approved the loan. i had been laid-off for 3 years, just being called back a few months into this.

My mortgage never fell behind, however some c c , dr bills, even utilities became slow to pay. I WOULD Never Have Agreed To Have Work BY ALLGOOD Done, Had I Known, UpFront The Amount They Truly Were Charging. They have bullied me, call 2 -3 times daily, wanting me to sign contract. They've taken me to court before, i've proven that i was making payments, more than their min req amount, Judge said i was "doing the right thing" Now they are taking me back to court. I need help, please...AG is draining me! I need someone on my side

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You need to sit down with a lawyer and review all of the paperwork in this case, including any paperwork from any court cases filed. Find a lawyer who does consumer protection cases and has experience with the Virginia Consumer Protection Act.

From what you wrote, I have a lot of questions. How can you be asked to sign a contract AFTER the work has been completed? What did you sign BEFORE the work was started? If you canceled the contract promptly, then what is the basis for the All Good claim?

If the actions of All Good are a violation of the Virginia Consumer Protection Act, then you would be entitled to have your legal fees paid by All Good and probably would be entitled to damages as well.

Good luck to you.

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