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I had sex with a 14 year old and we agreed to a life together. I later found out after the sex that she was 14. What do I do?

Tulsa, OK |

We met online and talked. We then later started texting and she asked if we could have a life together with kids and all and I hesitently agreed. But stayed skeptical. 3 days after we had sex she told me she was 14. I'm 19. What do I do?

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A 14 year old can not consent to sex in OK. Thus, you could be charged with statutory rape. I highly suggest that you go see a local attorney and discuss the case with him and what the best route is. Under no circumstances do you talk to the police or any investigators that may contact you until you have consulted with an attorney and have him/her present if the attorney feels the interview is warranted. This is a serious crime and you could be facing prison time as well as having to registered as a sex offender so it is better to consult with an attorney and be proactive instead of reactive. For referrals, contqact Bruce Edge in Tulsa (he is listed here on AVVO) and he can tell you the best attorneys in Tulsa for this type of case.

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