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I had received deferred adjudication probation for an aggravated kidnapping can I get it expunged??

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I had received deferred adjudication for aggravated kidnapping. They placed me on it for 10 yrs due to good behavior, they let me off on my fourth year. Can I get it covered up or sealed so job employers wont see and will I be able to fulfill my career in nursing?? Other lawyers said yes and no..So I need answers so I can start on this.

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Deferred cases can not be expunged. With some deferred cases you can apply for a non disclosure. However. aggravated kidnpaping is listed as on the cases in which you can not apply for a non disclosure. See- Texas Government Code 411.081(e)(1)-(4) and Texas Penal Code 20.04

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Robert Sterling Guest

Robert Sterling Guest


I wish I could go back and edit this answer. I was trying to say that while some deferred cases can be "sealed" with a motion for non disclosure, agg kidnapping is not eligible for a non disclosure.


Aggravated kidnapping is a felony that is not eligible for non-disclosure after completion of deferred adjudication probation. See Tex. Gov. Code 411.081

Expunctions are only available for dismissals, acquittals and pardons. Pardons are rare.

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No, you cannot get it expunged...unless you can convince the Governor to grant clemency, and the odds of that happening are extraordinarily low. And as my colleagues mentioned, you cannot get an Aggravated Kidnapping deferred sealed through non-disclosure, either.

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