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I had part of my colon removed suposed to be @3 day stay stayed 34 with very serious complications can i file?

Moultrie, GA |

had surgery on fri had internal bleeding did not have emergancy surgery until folling wed. heart stopped respatory shut done had to have induced coma for sevarel days. had mutiple infections. stayed in hospital 34 days and home bound for 6 mos

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It sounds like something went wrong during your stay in the hospital but in order to give you any type of accurate response we would have to get a detailed medical history and your complete medical records. Unfortunately, infections and bad results are a common part of even good medical care. A proper legal opinion can only be given after a complete collection and review of your actual medical records. Most medical malpractice attorneys including our firm will not charge you for a consultation so I urge you to contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney for more information.


Figuring out whether there is a claim for medical malpractice, is mostly a medical question rather than a legal question. You should obtain all your medical records and charts and reports and have them reviewed by an expert (generally hired by a personal injury attorney once they feel there may be a claim to pursue) and see what the expert says.

Review my guide and I hope you can find it useful. (

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Nima Taradji

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You have had a bad time and maybe you have a case, but it will require investigation. Perhaps I misunderstand Attorney Taradji's advice to get your medical records. The first thing you need to do is find an experienced medical malpractice lawyer. Consultation with lawyers in such matters is always free, or it should be. If after an interview the lawyer feels the case is worth investigating, the lawyer will get the records. Some lawyers ask clients to lay out money for records, some don't. But in my experience, when clients get records themselves, often health care providers don't give them everything and I wind up having to order them myself anyway. It should be up to the lawyer to get records and find experts, not up to the client. Medical malpractice is a very difficult and specialized field and clients should not be doing much of anything on their own in such matters.


As a Georgia attorney, I would with all the advice given in the previous answers. The names of all the treating professional, agencies and hospitals would be needed in order to get the medical records for review by a physician. Those would be your primary initial expenses. I did not see any dates associated with this procedure, so be aware of the time limits, which may be different than the date of the initial surgery.
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I'm sorry to hear about your ordeal. In Georgia, to prove medical negligence, you must have a similarly trained physician review your doctor's records, as well as those of the hospital, to determine if your treating physician, or someone else, did something wrong that resulted in your being injured. It sounds as though either a general or colorectal surgeon would be able to look at your medical records and make such a determination. I'd be happy to speak further about it with you when you feel strong enough to do so. Good luck; I hope you get better. Ralph Hughes, Decatur. 404 373 3458. You can review some of my medical negligence cases on my web site, listed below.

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