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I had my i-751 interview ( waiver )

East Meadow, NY |

I went there with my lawyer. The person who interviewed me asked why I have divorced and I have explained to him. He said there is no evidence. However, I already submitted the evidences and I didnt get any RFE during i-751. The interesting part is, he seemed he did not studied the case. "Where is your joint tax return?" It should be there, I already submitted a year ago. Anyways, he asked my ex-wife's address and date of when we are married. Besides, he confused with my name and affidavits. Plus, I wanted add some photos but he didnt want to take them. While we are leaving, my lawyer asked several times, if you need more documents we may provide them. He had a poker face on him all the time. He said he is going to review the case. My lawyer said it is not bad but I am not sure..

How long it should take them make a decision? What should expect? I had bank statements, joint tax returns, joint credit statements, joint auto insurance cards and photos. Are these evidences enough. I am worried that he doesnt see those documents.

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Your lawyer knows the facts of your case. You need to direct your questions to your lawyer.

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Ask your attorney who will be in a better position to be able to answer your questions.

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For a divorced I-751 you need to prove you entered into the marriage in good faith. You should address any concerns you have with your lawyer.