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I had my computer seized along with my xbox after being accused by a family member of child endangerment and possesing lewd pics

Toms River, NJ |

The police said the investigation would take some time and that my xbox would need to be sent to a lab outside of county. its been 2 years and the cops say its still ongoing. my question is is it likely that my pc is being sent away or to the same lab as the xbox and also if they would have found something at the lab near the prosecutors office wpuldnt they arrest me by now.

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You should retain an attorney to address this issue.

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investigation will take some time



Can u explain why


If you want to "speed" up the process, you can hire an attorney who can file a motion for the return of the property. You may not get the property back, but at least you will be able to find out what exactly is going on. It seems bizarre that your case is taking two years. Further, you would not necessarily be arrested if "something" was found on your pc, if in fact they are still examining your xbox.


My guess is that they are doing nothing because they have found nothing. You know if there is something to find on those machines or not. In the meantime get a new computer and X-Box and don't rock the boat, which might make them actually do something that is adverse to you.

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