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I had my 3rd DUI conviction 23 years ago , had a refusal that was reduced to reckless over 9 years ago , just got another

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i had my 3rd DUI conviction 23 years ago in Florida , had a refusal that was reduced to reckless over 9 years ago , just got another that i refused breath , did roadside . . . if convicted i loose fl for life . what other state can i go to to be able to drive for work ?

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Well first it goes without saying you need to hire a private attorney that can handle both the DHSMV case and the criminal case. You have ONLY 10 days to request a DHSMV Formal Review hearing, so time is of the essence.

What other state can you get a DL?
Your answer is as good as mine. It varies state by state. No one can speculate on how one state would treat your driving privilege over another. It is a driving privilege and you have placed ours in jeopardy at least five times now. So any State that may grant you a license... Well, I would call, hypothetically the DMV is any state you wish to reside and pose that question to them, anonymously.


Any state could deny you a license based on a lifetime suspension from another state. Also, most states openly share that info with one another.

Based on your prior history, you'll likely have to go to trial to avoid the conviction. The State Attorney's Office here would rather lose your case in trial than reduce the DUI to a Reckless again. I have tried quite a few DUI's here in Tampa and I know how to best attack the State's case in trial. Consultations are always free, so don't hesitate. (813) 282-8600.

Best of luck.


I agree with my colleagues. It is critical to move quickly in light of the pending DHSMV hearing. Additionally, the more time passes, unfortunately witnesses and evidence will likely disappear. My firm handles such matters and offers free case consultations. Our office number is 813-830-2261. Good luck.

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